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From: Oakland, CA

Jay is a wizard!

16 June 2014


I can't praise Jay enough. He solves what are my insurmountable computer problems with ease. He is patient, thorough, and frighteningly good at what he does. Thank goodness I have Jay.




From: Silicon Valley

Consultant is my amazing go to person for everything Apple or Mac

13 May 2014


MacCare has provided me with necessary solutions for my unique computer concerns. Consultant is patient, an excellent instructor and responds quickly when I contact him. I use MacCare as my go to person when there is a need outside his expertise and have used his referrals. I am extremely pleased with the services of MacCare and have and will continue to use his services and refer MacCare to friends and family.

The Consultant is time conscious and takes care of business while passing on important instruction and information regarding my computer needs.





From: El Granada, CA

Jay restored my icalendars

12 May 2014


Out of the blue, my icals disappeared. MacCare responded promptly and restore my calendars. He was even willing to work on a weekend night to give me some piece of mind! Jay is my go-to guy for all Mac related issues.



From: Bay area CA

He is great.

10 May 2014


I have worked with Jay for over two years. Very interactive in the appointment to find out exactly the issue. He really explains things very well. He originally moved me from a PC to an IMac files and all. Went totally smoothly. He provided me with consultation before I made the purchase and I did what he said. Now we have a Mac book Air, 2 iPhones, 2 iPads and the IMac. We are connected to WiFi with a WiFi router and WiFi capable printer. Love it. After he has assisted with a few issues. One was done remotely when my WiFi printer disconnected, turns out it had the wrong IP address and Jay explained it and we went through steps to correct it. He is really personable and always goes the extra mile. I recommend him to anyone/everyone



From: HIllsborough CA

The best.

10 May 2014


I am not computer savvy but have to use some sophisticated systems for my work, so there has been much for me to learn, much to install, and often much to repair. Jay is exactly the person I need, and I have worked with him now for over a decade. All problems were quickly solved, and I learned a good deal from him in the process. Jay is always available for troubleshooting, including urgently, and can fit his schedule into mine, so remote or personal appointments are always convenient. He also regularly makes suggestions about new things to try, new programs,and new equipment and has guided me in all of my purchases. He is assiduous about saving me money by helping

me find software and equipment at the best prices. Finally, he is a nice guy, always in a good mood, patient with my utter lack of computer skills, and just fun to work with. All pluses, no minuses.




From: Corvallis, OR

This consultant is wonderful.

10 May 2014


This consultant tactfully and patiently puts up with my ignorance, and walks me through what I need to know at my pace. It is greatly appreciated.



From: Bay Area California

Thrilled to have Jay available at MacCare for computer issues

06 May 2014


Jay at MacCare has provided 4 tech sessions on my Mac. This has been done remotely and worked beautifully. He does not just repair your current problems. He helped me set up a large external iPhoto library, fine tune my backup system and several other crucial tasks.



From: Half Moon Bay, CA


06 May 2014


Jay is what I would call pure customer service....he is genuinely focused on making sure whatever it is need be done, gets done....always goes the extra mile...I had a problem with remote connection to my office PC. It was over a weekend and I had to talk to the office IT folks when I got in on Monday. Before Monday even rolled around, Jay, on

his own, did some research, called me back and had the solution.... And this is just one example of his approach when working with me...too bad, there isn't a six star rating or he'd get it from me...



From: Redwood City, CA


06 May 2014


I found Jay on the Mac Care site. Called him to schedule an appointment. Right from the start Jay was professional and efficient. He asked me for a list of the problems we were having, he wanted to make sure he was as prepared as possible. He clearly communicated his fee's ahead of time so that there were no surprises. He was a little more expensive then I was expecting BUT in the end he was well worth it. Jay was very patient, I am not familiar with the apple mini mac computers, my cloud, key chain, server. He spent about 8 hours teaching me how it all works. He was super patient the entire time, and really tried to help me develop a long term plan for my server and how I can best use it for my business. I've had him back several times. He is trust worthy and I couldn't be happier with his

help. He is our "go to guy now" for all our server, mac, networking needs. I highly recommend Jay!



From: California

I have used the services and expertise of MacCare for several years.

06 May 2014


Through buying new computers, ordering new equipment, it has been excellent!l

I have used the services of MacCare for many years. As a relative neophyte when it comes to computers, I have found this company to be a reliable and excellent resource for all things digital. New equipment purchases, prompt and thorough attention to detail, and finding the best deals are all part of the service you receive at MacCare.

Through emergencies large and small, MacCare has been super!



From: San Mateo, CA

Responsive and Diligent

06 May 2014

Jay has the technical knowledge, but what differentiates him is his commitment. Jay is extremely responsive and willing to research issues when he doesn't know the answer. He takes complete ownership for solving challenges, and works tirelessly to get an adequate resolution.



From: SF Peninsula

MacCare is Great!!

25 June 2013



I have been working with MacCare for well over a year. Jay is very knowledgable, easy to work with, responsive, reasonably priced. Will either come to your place or, he prefers, work remotely. He has bailed me out of several thorny problems. He was a great assist in selecting a new desktop and then transferring everything over. I strongly




From: Mountain View CA

Has fixed EVERY situation that developed!

10 April 2013


Dogged in pursuit of a "cure". It WILL get fixed. Answers the phone!



From: Burlingame, CA

Years of outstanding service

03 April 2013


Jay has been working on our desktops, laptops and network for over 8 years. Jay studiously approaches issues with success in mind and keeps a keen eye on potential problems. Our network has never been more solid and our inhouse and remote users always feel he is available to help. We operate a world-wide business and need to have

24/7 reliability - Jay helps make sure that happens.



From: HIllsborough CA

I cannot imagine a better consultant.

02 April 2013


I've worked with Jay for over ten years. At the start I was completely ignorant about computers, and having Jay to set me up and instruct me on their use was essential. Over the years he has installed new systems and devices, advisedme on their use, and solved numerous bugs. He is an excellent teacher. He works in a cost effective manner and his advice on purchases has saved me considerable money. He responds rapidly when I contact him, often solves the problems remotely via the computer, and easily adapts to my schedule, sometimes coming on weekends. Overall, I'd

say I lucked out in being referred to him and cannot imagine a better guy to work with me on these matters.



From: Half Moon Bay, CA

My go to guy when things get tough!

01 April 2013


Whether I've done something untold or the system is doing strange things, he's the standard of help for me. He

doesn't even have to come to fix many of my 'problems! I have never presented a challenge to him that was new. . .all old stuff to him . . . my emergencies are quickly and accurately fixed with advise about how to avoid the same thing in the future. And to that, he's a really nice guy who has an interest in his community and you have a real win win




From: San Mateo, CA


01 April 2013


Jay is very knowledgeable, which enables him to address issues quickly/efficiently. Jay makes himself available whenever I need his assistance, and his ability to fix nearly any issue remotely is a huge convenience.



From: El Granada, CA

Top of the Line Mac Expert

23 October 2012


Jay is my go-to guy whenever I have any computer trouble. I've used Jay's services over the last 8 years and he never fails to resolve my Mac issues. Jay always responds to my inquiries immediately and works both remotely and

in person to fix my tech problems efficiently and professionally. I highly recommend Jay without any reservations!




Excellent service and advice

17 October 2012


I have worked with Jay for the last 15 years. He has always responded quickly to my e-mail or telephone requests for service. He makes the directions and information easy to follow--especially for a non techie like me. Most recentlyJay upgraded my Mac to MacOSX Snow Leopard ad added more memory--and helped me get my printer to work

again. I must say he is very patient. It really is a pleasure to work with Jay--he is on time and pleasant to work. Also, he has always given me good recommendations when I want to buy a new computer. He also helped me with my

new iPad. I would definitely recommend him.


From:Santa Cruz, Ca


03 October 2012


Jay was very fast and helpful. Had me up and running very quickly

I have worked with Jay for over 10 years. He has always been there for me when I needed him. He usually took care of me immediately but never more than a few hours. Always polite and patient. With my think skull he made things clear and made sure I understood what happened and how to avoid those errors in the future. Jay helped with

upgrading my system with all my devices to new operating systems more that once and always gave instructions of short cuts and special features to get work done faster. The most beautiful part is that I never had to wait for him or travel. He did it all remotely. Doing it remotely let me see on my own computer how things were done. He would have me perform some tasks if he thought I wasn't clear yet. Great service and great tools to get the most out of my time.

Couldn't ask for better service.



From: Atherton, CA

Prompt and accurate service.

23 September 2012


I recently switched from PC to Mac computing and MacCare made it easy. From appointment, to install, to follow up, I received prompt, accurate and friendly service. Thank you MacCare!



From: Redwood City, CA

Buying a new MacBook

10 September 2012


I bought a new MacBook. My old one had died peacefully with the keyboard going out slowly. I thought I would just

load up my new one myself as I had worked with and on Macs for many years. So I got started but had some doubts and luckily better sense got the best of me and I called Jay. I was so glad I did call Jay. It all went so smoothly and I feel much more confident with the results. It’s been several days and there have been no hiccups. I am very



From: San Carlos, CA

Very knowledgeable

13 June 2012


We finally decide to leave our PCs and get all new Apples. Jay made the transition very smooth. He held our hands through the adjustment period to make sure we were running without any issues. We would recommend him for anyone making the leap from PCs to Apples. It is a pleasure to work with him.



From: Redwood City, CA

Jay is the best - great guy - great value - great service

05 April 2012


I love macintosh computers. I have 12 in my office and Jay keeps things humming along. When he fixes a problem, he FIXES the problem and it stays fixed. The only thing I need him for these days is when I get a new computer and he upgrades everything for me. Having been in business for over 20 years, I have had my share of "consultants" and he is the best I have found.



From: San mateo, CA

depend on Jay for my Apple computer needs, since 2006

26 March 2012


Very responsive & helpful. Will continue to use & recommend MacCare.



From: Aptos, CA

Vast knowledge

18 February 2012


I've had Mr. Abrams "Mac Care", come to my office remotely and in person. His vast knowledge became apparent with his ability quickly address any of my problems. His solutions proved to be profitable for my business and personal computing experience.



From: Half Moon Bay, CA

Finally found a GREAT Apple Consultant10

February 2012


For the last four years, I have been looking for an Apple consultant who is willing to do home visits. It was just amazing to work with someone who was actually sitting at my keyboard, and who quickly grasped my issues and addressed them in timely and cost efficient manner. In addition, he has the ability to follow up with remote access

and is a great teacher - quickly made movies from my desk top so I would not forget his instructions.

I would recommend this consultant to a friend or colleague!



From: San Carlos, CA

Jay's the best!

10 February 2012


I have worked with Jay for the past three years and he has been extremely helpful. He originally helped me when my iMac crashed and I thought I had lost everything. He got my information back and set me on the road to making sure it wouldn't happen again. He has helped me with my iMac and with using Windows on a mac. All I have to do is call or email him and I hear back right away with information and/or a time that we can get together. I don't hesitate to call him and enjoy working with him. He was recommended by a mutual friend and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him

to anyone else, as I often do. Jay is a great consultant and a nice person to work with.



From: Foster City, CA

Exceptional service each and every time!

15 October 2011


There are not enough accolades to give my consultant. We've worked together for more than five years, and I couldn't be happier. He's very knowledgeable, fast, thorough, cost-conscious, prompt, and pleasant. His suggestions for hardware and software have always worked out very well. All in all, he's amazing!



From: San mateo, CA

highly recommended

13 June 2011


Jay has helped me out since 2006. Highly recommend him; thorough, knowledgable, instructive.