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Jay Abrams's MacCare Consulting Services recently added a new service location after 20 years of service in the Bay Area.

Now offering Apple Macintosh services in Placer County. 2014

Located in Auburn and serving Placer County

Member of the Apple Consultants Network from 2000 -2020

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Apple Consultants Network

The Apple Consultants Network (ACN) is group of independent consultants that are trained and tested in Apple technologies. In order to be a member of the ACN; the person or organization must be certified and keep current on Apple certifications. The member must pass rigorous testing to become a certified member of the ACN. The ACN was a group created by Apple Computer as an elite group of consultants, currently about 1500 strong in North America. ACN members are the only consultants recommended at Apple Stores and on the Apple website.
Jay Abrams, MacCare has been a certified member of the Apple Consultants Network since 1999
 The Apple Consultants Network is your best source for Apple-certified, independent technical professionals focused on delivering professional services and support on all Apple platforms.
Apple technologies offer many great solutions whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go. When you have a project in mind or simply need some help to get you started on the right path, we have local experts ready to help. 



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Jay Abrams

P.O. Box 7161

659 Lincoln Way Suite 102

Auburn Ca. 95604



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    MacCare Remote Support - By Appointment Only

Teamviewer for 10.12, 10.13,10.14 & 10.15 


Click on icon below for - 10.11, Mac OS 10.10, 10.9


Download MacCare Support 


A solution for immediate technical support needs

Local Service and National Service


Remote Desktop Support that allows Jay Abrams’s MacCare to perform quick response to a clients technical issues over the internet.

MacCare's Remote Support is technology that allows me to control or observe your computer over the internet.

A perfect solution to quick fixes of problematic behavior to get your machine running properly. This is similar to being onsite yet allows solutions to scheduling conflicts and immediate customer needs.


    Remote Support appointments can be made to accommodate a pressing

     issue that might have to be put off till an onsite appointment is arranged

    Using Remote Support affords the client a way to resolve general issues

    that may not require onsite service.

    Remote Support technology is an internet solution with a small installation component

    that gives you control.

    It allows me to access and control your computer so that I can fix a behavior or problem

    that is concerning you.

    Remote Support allows me to access your computer with a personal request that you make.

    In addition, after the request is made it only allows me to access your computer

    with your permission.

    A window will appear on the desktop when I have accessed your computer

    with a button that allows you to

    disconnect at any time. This is a feature that gives you control.

    You can feel comfortable knowing that no access can be made without your permission.

    Remote Support allows me to work anywhere there is a high speed internet connection.

    Remote Support is available for Mac OS 10.4 and above using broadband internet connections

    Appointments are arranged in advance by email or phone.

    The client downloads the application above: Request MacCare Remote Support

    This takes a very short time less than two minutes in many cases.


    To request information on Remote Support • call or email Jay Abrams's MacCare

Pre Sales Support

No Cost Pre Sales Consulting
     When you are ready to install a new application, operating system or make a major computer purchase - contact me!  I can evaluate your choice to make sure that it the right one the first time. Save time and money by letting me help you make the right choice. 
You will need to download Teamviewer Quick Support for a remote session to access free support